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My DnD character, a Kinku named Parfait!

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I think one shots are better for teaching new players rules and mechanics because, and this is based off my experience, one shots tend to be more wild and out-there mechanically because its a time to just let loose and have fun with usually more obscure or unused mechanics there's no real characterization for anyone or anything so having a new player let loose in a one shot would be a great learning opportunity. They can just go! Have fun! Destroy shit or whatever!

I don't think this holds true for teaching them about narrative though, for obvious reasons, unless the one shot is supposed to be closer to a longer campaign in narrative and its been pre-determined thay everyone won't go ham, but again, this is based on my one-shot experience.

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I GMed a one-shot last month that was easter themed. Had my players rescue the easter bunny while battling cockatrice-chicks and chocolate golems.

I used that oppertunity to introduce one of my friends to 5e online, as he played once a month irl but wanted to play more and hadn't used roll20 by that point. It was a great time, and a great chance to introduce a friend to my other friends.

So the vultures in the Disney's Jungle Book were based on and originally planned to be voiced by the beatles, right?


So which beatle is this supposed to be?